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the levant is known as the cradle of civilization and is home to one of the healthiest and freshest cuisines with a wide range of palates that’ll swoon your taste buds; it is based on sharing tapas-like dishes known as mezze to ensure a complete feast, create your spread by choosing varied items from the different sections on the menu (3 dishes are recommended per person). the warm plates & grills are slightly larger portions yet still to be shared please ask our team for delicious specials & off-menu items that might be available, or simply ask for advice on the selection of dishes we’d like you to know that you’re welcome to set a budget for your meal, and we’ll gladly provide recommendations according to your preferences.


cold mezze
hot mezze

warm plates & charcoal grilled plates

sides & sauces


additives:1= artificial colors 2= preserveratives 3= antioxidants 4= caffeine 5= quinine 6= sweetners

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non-alcoholic drinks

water & fresh juices
teas & herbs

1-anise yansoon: good for upset stomach, bloating, insomnia
2-companion tea chamomile: good for digestion, anxiety, relaxing, subtle infusion
3-companion tea lemon verbena: relieves heartburn and indigestion, good for soothing anxiety, helpful in
4-sage: good for stomach cramps, heartburn, detoxifies body

alcoholic drinks

arak / raki
we also have delicious long drinks, please ask the staff for our cocktail card or click on the text to take you to our cocktail card.